Centuro Global takes care of every step in the Global Mobility journey from compliance to human resources allowing clients to trade in any location with ease and efficiency. Centuro Global helps businesses “Go Global” through a strategy using cutting-edge technology .

Centuro Global assist companies with scaling into new markets and work with a strong and independently vetted supply chain in over one hundred and sixty countries to deliver to clients.



is the only affordable, fast and simple web-app software solution to filing your United States of America Tax Return when living abroad, taking on average only thirty minutes to file! MyExpatTaxes focus on eliminating double taxation, not just identifying deductions, but through using complex IRS tax codes and international tax treaties too!

The software makes it smooth and straightforward for expats to stay tax compliant and save money while living abroad through the support of award winning staff and technology!


The Global Mobility Function operates within a fast paced environment to meet the requests of the worldwide business management that are ever changing to ensure customer satisfaction. Professionals who work within the Global Mobility Function are core to the success of business objectives and have the important role of adapting to meet the strategic expectation of their leadership.

Although due to operational pressures from business management, many professionals do not have the capacity to undertake strategic projects or transformational projects that will enhance and improve the Global Mobility Function ability to align and meet business objectives.

HMC Consultancy Group was founded in 2020 by Holly Maria Creed who during the coronavirus pandemic found herself with no employment opportunities. Unlike many Global Mobility Professionals, Holly sought out a career in Global Mobility, which began when she started a graduate scheme in US and UK expatriation tax before moving to EY to specialise in Global Mobility. Holly is a passionate and inspiring leader who is fast gathering a positive reputation as a thought leader and innovator within the industry and in 2018 co-founded and launched the Next Gen GM. Alongside this achievement Holly has been nominated for thirteen industry awards, receiving commendations for seven categories and winning three categories including the 2019 FEM EMEA EMMA Global Mobility Innovator Of The Year.
Ensuring your employees get the most out of living abroad can be helped along by securing international medical and protection insurance from a provider that really cares. William Russell have been serving our international health and protection customers since 1992 and offer a range of flexible and portable plans to ensure your employee’s continued success.

With our trademark customer care record, you can rest assured your employees are in safe hands. For Group or Business enquiries, please email referencing the Next Gen GM.

Heart Relocation was created with one purpose; to create a safe and fulfilling environment for assignees and their families to enjoy the benefits and experiences of their assignment. Everyone is unique and Heart Relocation understands that the complexity of the Global Mobility journey will be different for each person. If you create the right environment, people are capable of amazing things. Our philosophy of “Land Happy” is about creating that environment for an assignee and their family so that they are freed from stress, allowing them to focus 100% on their assignment and deliver the results their company expects.

Relocation is not rocket science; it is much simpler.

We believe that time is the most important currency when it comes to Global Mobility, having the time to build a relationship, communicate proactively and thinking through the challenges before they appear to create proactive solutions. This is why we introduced the “NEVER MORE THAN THIRTY” rule. Our consultants will never manage more than thirty files, at all stages, which gives them the space and time they need to truly manage the assignee experience through meaningful and proactive communication.

Backed up by great technology that truly embraces collaboration between our clients, the assignees and their families we added “WELLNESS” at the very heart of our business.


Equus Software is the worldwide leader in cloud-based Global Mobility solutions.

With more than two thousand companies around the world relying on Equus Software technology and tools to automate mundane, transactional work so that Global Mobility Teams, Talent Management Professionals and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the company.

Founded in 1999, Equus Software has a proven track record for delivering cutting-edge solutions, continuous innovation and exceptional customer service.