The Next Gen GM was founded in February 2018 by two friends who share a mutual passion for Global Mobility and Travel:


Holly Maria Creed and Natalie Chapman


Through their shared passion for Global Mobility, despite working within different fields in the industry, Holly and Natalie noted that Global Mobility Professionals in the infancy of their career were overlooked in their personal and professional development. After several phone conversations and a few brainstorming sessions over cocktails, the idea of the Next Gen GM was born. The Next Gen GM is the first forum whose aim is to support Global Mobility Professionals, both corporate and client partner, with less than fifteen years’ experience within Global Mobility.


Global Mobility is a fast-paced industry that is evolving to meet the demands of worldwide businesses that are ever changing to meet customer demand. Global Mobility Professionals are core to the success of the Global Mobility Function and have the important role of adapting and changing the shape of the Global Mobility world for themselves and the next generation. However, they can sometimes be overlooked in their personal and professional development within the industry.


The Next Gen GM offers a fun and open environment for all members to discuss concerns and successes that they are currently experiencing in their role without fear of prejudice or repercussion. Members in the Forum will strive to work together to actively promote Global Mobility to their peers and collectively help one another to further their career and development.


The Next Gen GM is a unique Forum who wishes to aid its members develop their Global Mobility knowledge and enhance their standing within their respective company through providing members the tools to be at the forefront of the Global Mobility Industry with the aspiration for 2022 to expand the remit of the Next Gen GM and focus on all aspects of the People Function.